Extraction Innovation For Scaling

Briefly spoke with Dylan, Founder & CEO of Towers Highrise. They offer a super innovative, super compact, stacked thermal press. It’s gorgeous & it pivots…

This little guy packs a huge punch. One press, 5x the power for a future-ready workspace. Imagine a single operator doing the work of 5 presses. With 5X capacity, force, and yield, it’s a rosin press revolution. The 25 Ton Towers Highrise stacked press combines 6 double-sided 10X4 inch heat plates, making pressing a breeze.

Website says you can get 750+ grams of bubble hash/sift in one go. Plus, micron bags up to 3 inches wide and 10 inches long ensure premium extracts, let’s go. Looks like its made really well & it just might be my dream extraction tool. 

Welcome to the future of high-volume extraction!

Super dope, shout out to Towers Highrise!


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