Your Grow Floors Are Next

When you hear about this innovative product, you might want to get it before your competitors are forced to. The grow room floors will one day all be required to be of a certain material & chemical compound. CannaFloors out of California are tackling part of the problem by removing epoxy. After speaking with the innovative owner Brandon, I am convinced this is a problem very few understand.

CannaFloors created a unique flooring product to increase safety & compliance. Their thin mil Urethane Cement coating is tailor-made for grow room environments, unlike epoxy which is not made for the harsh conditions of a grow room.

They have a durable, antimicrobial, USDA & FDA-compliant flooring mix to update grow rooms into thriving havens. With industry expertise, meticulous preparation, & top-notch materials, CannaFloors is leading the way in safe flooring.  

I found this to be a super innovative company & the industry seems to be getting the message, their instagram has been install, after install, let’s go.

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