America, Don't Sleep On Reiziger...

Reiziger. A Nutrient Solution company out of Holland. Unfortunately, only one small shop on the US East Coast stocks Reiziger. It’s a logistics issue, but it’s getting worked out. Once the US market opens up to this company, it’s on. 

Unleash Garden Greatness with Reiziger Bloom Minerals! Elevate your yields, boost blooms, & make plants pop with vibrant colors. Backed by Dutch scientific studies, it’s the secret to bigger, bolder harvests. Watch yields soar as 13% P2O5 and 14% K2O deliver remarkable results. From no more hidden roots to dazzling blooms that light up your garden.

These guys broke the code on fruit swelling by using patented phosphorus and potassium magic. Pure potency – chlorine, sodium, and heavy metal-free, it’s crafted with scientific perfection. Safe and eco-friendly, it leaves no harmful traces. Experience the instant impact – flowers & fruits thrive with enhanced sweetness & flavor.

Shout out to the Reiziger team, super cool meeting you guys. – where science meets garden artistry!

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